Have you ever written JavaScript that reeked, but you couldn’t quite figure out why? Or have you written code and immediately knew that it wasn’t good, but didn’t know a better way?

Your JavaScript may pass JSHint, but that doesn’t mean it’s legit.

“A code smell is a surface indication that usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system” – Martin Fowler

Most developers can smell brittle and fragile code a mile away, but it takes time and training to combat these smells. Code smells scream to be refactored.

In this session, we will discuss various common smelly code snippets and discuss techniques on how we can eliminate and protect against their pungent odors creeping into your codebase.

Elijah Manor

Elijah Manor

Elijah Manor is a Christian and a family man. He works at The Lampo Group (Dave Ramsey) as a front-end web developer. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider, IE userAgent, and a Pluralsight author. He enjoys blogging at http://elijahmanor.com and tweeting (@elijahmanor) about the things he learns.